Mouse and keyboard macros and hotkeys.

Autohotkey build for CE devices

here you can find a port of autohotkey for windows CE devices.

The main aim is to port most commands of ahk. New wince features are at the end of the todo list.

The source code is from Autohotkey but this does not mean that everything is working yet.
03-04-10 Used Autohotkey_L (unicode) as source.

How to start:

To make things easier for you there is a wince setup. The AutohotkeyCE.exe (shrinked with upx so the exe is just 312 KB on the file system) is wrapped with a cab file. 
Just transfer the file to your CE device and run the cab file. AutohokeyCE.exe is installed in the program folder: "/program files/AutohotkeyCE/AutohotkeyCE.exe".

The installer automatically registers the ahk extension so you can start your script directly just like on win32 systems.
To edit the script "pword" of the OS is used.

Please have a look at the Working commands

A yet small list of "known" working devices



Not maintained NON-unicode build: V36:
Source: SVN Repository on
Source unicode: SVN Repository on

TODO list

The following ahk commands are not supported by the OS.
 * a_iscompiled ComSpec A_Language  A_IPAddress1-4  DllCall RegisterCallback  FileInstall  


Edit 09-06-09 Now the compiler is working. You can compile your script directly on your device.

Edit 23-05-09 fincs sent me source code  for the functions in the closed source dll. Now it's possible to compile a real ahk-compiler. In the download file is just a windows 32 exe. You can launch it, compile your script and transfer the resulting exe to the ce device. The compiled exe should run.

You can compile windows 32 (ahk) text files or multibyte / unicode files (0xfffe)
The compiler is included within the installer.

The long version of the explaination..

...some short information for developers

Chris for Autohotkey.
Titan for this webspace (
Fincs for the code needed to create a compiler.
Barry for his help, bugfixes, funcions and infos
Sergeich for his script to register the ahk extension
and all others who helps on the forum to answer questions.

If you have corrections, wishes or questions please leave me a pm.
Last change: 15-02-11